Greenhouse pots

Postdoc Research: Investigating the role of plant roots and soil microbial communities in soil organic matter stabilization and destabilization

GH pot diagramPh.D. Research: Investigating the interactions between black carbon (or biochar) and soil organic carbon – how does the presence of one affect the decomposition of the other?

 droppedImage_3M.S. Research: Studying the climate impact of biochar systems through a decomposition study, pyrolysis cookstove modelling in western Kenyan farm households, and policy analysis.

Leaf size number tradeoffUndergraduate Research: Examining the tradeoff between leaf size and leaf number in plants; Conducting a Life Cycle Assessment of corn stover production for cellulosic ethanol in Québec.

SIP setupOther Projects: Microbial Diversity course at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole; World Bank: report on biochar for smallholder agriculture and report on the effects of climate change on agriculture in the Middle East