Recruiting Graduate Students in Soil Ecology at UW-Madison

We are recruiting 1-2 new graduate students (MS or PhD) to join our Soil Ecology lab starting as soon as January 2016. Students will work with Dr. Thea Whitman as an advisor to develop a project investigating soil microbial ecology and organic matter biogeochemistry in the context of climate change. Potential projects include: (1) Investigating the effects of boreal forest fires on soil microbial communities (2) Determining the mechanisms behind complex, 3-way carbon cycling interactions between soil, plants, and fresh or charred organic matter using a novel stable isotope approach (see our 2015 paper in Nature Communications). The ideal candidates would have a strong interest in soil ecology and experience in at least some of the following: field or laboratory research, microbiology, soil science, biogeochemistry, ecology, statistical analyses, and bioinformatics (Python and R).

Students will be enrolled in the Soil Science graduate research program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the position will be a 50% Research Assistantship that will include a stipend of $1,768/month; stipends run from July 1 to June 30.  Health care benefits are included in the appointment and are dependent on the individual’s needs. UW-Madison has a strong culture of collaboration across fields, and the selected graduate students will interact with researchers from diverse fields, including microbiology, geography, forest ecology, agronomy, and environmental studies.

Applications should be submitted to by December 1, 2015, and include a letter describing your interest in the position, a CV, a record of grades (e.g., copy of transcript), and the name and contact information for three references. Successful applicants will need to apply to the Soil Sciences graduate program through the UW Madison graduate school and be accepted (requires GRE scores and TOEFL scores (if applicable), official transcripts, and letters of recommendation).

(Charley Harper)(Illustration by Charley Harper)