First Ph.D. chapter to be published in Soil Biology and Biochemistry!

Greenhouse trial pot/chamber designUPDATE: You can see the first workup of my paper here!

I’m excited to report that the first chapter of my Ph.D. dissertation has been accepted for publication in Soil Biology and Biochemistry. We went with a “state the results” sort of title for the paper, which is called “Pyrogenic carbon additions to soil counteract positive priming of soil carbon mineralization by plants”. The acceptance of the paper is exciting for me for a lot of reasons – first, it’s awesome to have one chapter “wrapped up” to some extent, as I’m working to defend by this summer. Second, I have huge respect for this publication – it’s where maybe the majority of important papers in my field are published (and has the highest impact factor in the field of soil science, if you value such metrics). Third, it’s (sort of?) associated with the Soil Ecology Society, the first conference of which I attended this spring, and really enjoyed – it’s a top-rate intellectual community that I was delighted to discover. I’ll be sure to post a link to the publication as soon as it’s available. One down, 2-3 to go!


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