2013 retrospective: 1-year anniversary!

It’s been one year since I launched my research website! Once again, I was taking the train from Halifax to Toronto on my way home to Ithaca, just before the new year – the same trip I just made. It’s been a really fun first year of blogging and working on my site, and I wanted to take a moment to reflect on some of the highlights.

My view from the train from Halifax to Toronto this year

My view from the train from Halifax to Toronto this year


Top pages: About me (180 views), PhD research (122), and What is biochar? (119)

Top posts: STAMPS Vortex of Methods Development (93), US Biochar Conference (68), and Joys of Small Conferences (56)

Number of countries from which people visited my site: 61, with US (1,824), Canada (142 – thanks Mum and Dad!), and Germany (83) at the top

Funniest search terms that brought people to my website: “science of an unhatched chicken”, “what different type of soil is used to make the apples in the united states of america”, “conservatives in microbiology”, “NYC shocking news”, and “really black dirt”

I have really enjoyed keeping up a website. I’ve found it really helpful in letting other people know about my work (including potential postdoc supervisors). Writing a quick blog post is a great way to take a productive break, and I’ve liked reflecting on my work, conferences, and other soil science issues. I think when I started out, I figured I’d address a broader suite of topics, but as it’s run, it’s been more personal, focused on my research and academic activities. In all, it’s been a great experience, and I look forward to the upcoming year – hopefully I’ll have some interesting news about my next steps in the coming months.

Thanks to everyone for reading!


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